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The hydraulic lift is quickest to go up and down, quiet, easy to use with a handheld key faub, no cables to bother you getting in or out and it can operate  using solar energy.  The hydraulic lift is a great user friendly lift with a nice clean look when the boat or jet ski is on it.     To be so good, what's the downside?    The downside is winter issues and price. 
All hydraulic lift manufacturers require  their  lifts to be removed from the water for the winter (for warranty reasons) .  In Muskoka almost all vacation homeowners leave these lifts in the water for the winter and bubble; if  it is a deep water install (typically at least 6ft) the lift could  be left on the bottom of the lake for the winter with minimal concern for ice damage.  The other winter issue is boat storage.   In Muskoka, some vacation homeowners want to store their boat on the lift for the winter.   Some owners  do use the hydraulic lift for storage provided they are bubbling. 

Hydraulic lift models are based on weight capacity (2000lbs to 16,000lbs) The typical 20 ft boat is  handled by a 4000lb lift.   The  4000lb lift price is around $9100.    The typical 24 ft boat is handled by a 6000lb lift.  The 6000lb lift is in  $13200 range.. This type of  lift works well in water depth of 3ft  to 8ft, additional modifications are needed if your needs are outside this range.  

We have specialty lifts.   Hydraulic float plane lifts  with a 4000lb weight capacity $15,900.  Pontoon or Tritoon hydraulic lift with 4000lb weight capacity  $11,900.