Other type of boat lifts are:  Marine Railway, Roller Ramps and Floating Lifts.

Marine railway systems require a gently slope to the water.  The ideal slope is a 1 foot drop over 10 ft.    There is an aluminium and galvanized steel option we suggest the aluminium if your water situation requires you to remove any parts for the winter.  The  price for a 20ft boat with 70 feet of rail would be in the $10900 range .

The roller ramp is intended for light boats.  You would not use the roller ramp for any boat that exceeded 1500lbs.  The price for a 20ft roller ramp for a 1500lb boat would be in the $2600 range (installed).  Smaller boats could use a smaller roller ramp and the price  could be as low as $1300.

Floating boat lifts:  The floating lift must be firmly anchored.  It requires very little water depth but it is best suited for a calm location.  Winter storage for the lift needs to be a consideration.  We do not sell floating boat lifts.