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2017 Price List (if the type of lift is not on the price list please phone for pricing)

Hydraulic Boat Lifts (DC/solar POWER STD, AC POWER OPTIONAL)
2200lb capacity lifts                                  $4500

4000lb capacity lift                                    $8200 (add $3700 for tritoon option or $6700
for float plane option)

5000lb capacity lift                                    $10400

6000lb capacity lift                                    $11,900

8000lb capacity lift                                    $15,400

10000lb capacity lift                                  $18,200

Jet Ski Lifts
.Dockside cable lift - Gal 12  (AC power)     $3900

Docksie cable lift  - Gal 12 manual               $3100

Hydraulic 2000lb capacity                             $4800
Muskoka Boat Lifts:  2017 Price List