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Cable Jet Ski Lift: There are 3 types of cable jet ski lifts, free standing with side crank, dockside and cantileaver front crank. The free standing and cantileaver are best suited for shallow water with firm bottom..  The dockside (Gal 12) is the lift we recommend.
Price $2800 to $3900  depending whether it is a manual or electric winch and lake bottom conditions.

Hydraulic Jet Ski Lift:  Our hydraulic jet ski lift is rated for 2000lbs.  The typical 3 seater jet ski today is about 1000lbs  This hydraulic lift can work with a solar 12volt pump and has a handheld key faub to control up and down.  Struggle free and easy to use.   The cost is $5500.
Floating Jet Ski Lift:.   These lifts need to be anchored and in the winter they should be removed from the water. We do not sell this lifts.

The Jet Ski Lift We Highly Recommend.    It is our opinion that the  dockside jet ski lift we sell and install (GAL 12)is the best jet ski lift in the  market.   It works in any water depth, no winter worries other then covering the winch. It will spin 360 degrees while carrying the jet ski or small boat to make it easy to clean;dock space permitting.