Muskoka Boat Lifts' core business is  hydraulic boat lifts and dockside jet ski lifts in the  Muskoka area..  We will sell, repair, relocate or maintain a hydraulic or dockside jet ski lift.  We also repair, relocate and service the other types of lifts  listed below. 

US/Canada Steel and Aluminum Trade Dispute Impact

Naylor Systems are the manufacturer of the lifts that we sell.  They are an all Canadian Company that has operated out of Lindsay Ontario for the past 45 years.   Although they are Canadian and the aluminum for the lifts comes from Quebec, fabrication of the aluminum from its raw state is sent to the US, hence; the impact to the boat lift business.   For 2019 it is expected that the current 2018 prices may be 20% higher for 2019.

 Types of Boat  and Jet Ski Lifts: 

Cable lifts-  Overhead cable lift  (lift hangs from boathouse/boatport structure)
-. Dockside cable lift  (attach to side of dock and pinned to lake bottom)
- Free standing cable lift (boat lift structure sits on bottom of lake)

Hydraulic lifts   -  boat lift structure sits on bottom of lake

Shoreline lift     -. Marine Railway and roller ramps 

Floating lift       -. boat and jet ski lift structure is floating as name

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