Muskoka Boat Lifts' core business is  hydraulic boat lifts and dockside jet ski lifts in the  Muskoka area..  We will sell, repair, relocate or maintain a hydraulic or dockside jet ski lift.  We also repair, relocate and service the other types of lifts  listed below.

Types of Boat  and Jet Ski Lifts:

Cable lifts-  Overhead cable lift  (lift hangs from boathouse/boatport structure)
-. Dockside cable lift  (attach to side of dock and pinned to lake bottom)
- Free standing cable lift (boat lift structure sits on bottom of lake)

Hydraulic lifts   -  boat lift structure sits on bottom of lake

Shoreline lift     -. Marine Railway
-  Roller ramps 

Floating lift       -. boat and jet ski lift structure is floating as name implies 

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