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Q. What boat lift is the best value?
A. If you have a boathouse or boatport  the overhead cable lift is the best value and would be our personal choice for our own boat.  
Q. What boat lift is  quick & easy  to use and great looking when the boat is on it ?
A. The hydraulic lift
Q. What jet ski lift is the best?  
A.  The GAL 12 Naylor dockside jet ski cable lift .    It is simply the all round  best.   We have installed and worked on  many other types of lifts from differenct manufactures, nothing compares to the versatility of this lift. 
Q. What water depth is needed for a boat lift?
A.  Typically 30 inches to 6ft of water is ideal.  Some lifts do not have these constraints.  Nevertheless, modifications can usually be made to deal with deeper water. 
Q. Is power required for all boat lift?
A.  Generally the answer is yes if there is an electric winch; however, the hydraulic lift can operate off solar.  It should be noted that  a manual winch can be a lengthy and strenuous effort to lift the boat or jet ski.  The increasing size of the new jet skis is making the electric option  more of a necessity.
Q Can ice damage all boat lifts.
A. Yes except for the cable lift that uses a structure over the dock for supporting the lift and the dockside cable lift like the Gal 12 we recommend.   All other boat lifts should be removed from the water for the winter.  Alternatives are available but  you need to be satisfied how you are going to deal with your boat lift for the winter.  Bubbling is the most common approach.
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