Things you need to consider with lifts and docks for the winter. 

Ice movement is the  threat to boat lift and docks. Ice moving up and down can occur during the winter when water depth is reduced in anticipation of spring run off.  This vertical movement  can cause minor damage; however,  it is not the significant risk.   The significant risk occurs when ice moves laterally the resulting force will  push , bend  and break lifts and docks.l  The high risk time is spring break up.  

In Muskoka, a great many vacation homes have water bubblers to protect their dock from ice damage.  Many owners of boat lifts rely on their dock bubblers to protect their lifts for the winter.  Where owners know there is usually minimal water movement at spring break up they may leave lifts frozen in the water

Boat and jet ski lift manufacturers require lifts to be removed from the water for the winter  to   maintain  the manufacturer warranty .    The following types of  lifts  do not require removal for the winter according to the manufacturer.  
1. Overhead cable lifts.
2. Dockside cable lifts. 

Many of our customers consider the ice risk but have a plan to manage it and leave their lifts in the water for the winter. 

WINTER ISSUES: As Muskoka Boat Lifts Sees It